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Multifamily Real estate Investment Group - Doug Foord CEO ICIC

Doug Foord

President / CEO

Doug Foord, is the president and CEO of Invictus Commercial Investment Corp. – a multifamily real estate investment group providing secure, high yield, low risk, investment opportunities within  the US.


Doug’s background in multi-unit residential building and specialized knowledge of large investment properties comes from over 40 years of property development throughout BC, Arizona, and Texas.

In the early 1970’s he was involved in real estate demolition and construction.  He obtained his real estate and mortgage broker license in 1974 and sold residential real estate for several years.  During that time, Doug acted as president of the Victoria Real Estate & Insurance Credit Union for two consecutive terms. He was successful in incorporating the insurance industry into the Credit Union and expanded its jurisdiction to include all of BC.

Residential real estate did not hold enough of a challenge, and he moved on to commercial real estate specializing in apartment buildings and commercial properties.

As Foord’s expertise expanded, he began working in conjunction with developers locating properties, and tenants/ buyers. The natural progression was for Foord to become a developer and builder. Since then Foord has developed and built single family homes, subdivisions, condominium complexes, retail buildings and shopping centres, warehouses, and mixed-use warehouse/retail, and well as mixed-use retail/office/residential with total market values in excess of $100,000,000.

In addition to his development endeavors, Foord also acquired, revitalized and resold retail shopping centres in the United States during the mid 90’s when the Savings and Loan problems presented opportunities. The historic Internal Rate of Return on these transactions ranged from 36% to 66%.


Multifamily Real Estate Investment Group - Joe Kee Director ICIC

Joe Kee


In addition to acting as a Director of Invictus Commercial Investment Corp., Joseph (Joe) Kee is also Senior Vice President of Ascension CRE. In this capacity, Joe supervises a national portfolio consisting of multifamily and commercial properties.

Prior to Ascension,Joe acted as Chief Business Development Officer for Asset Plus. Joe also spent eight years at RMI Management as a partner and Senior Vice President supervising properties in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida before the company was sold to Riverstone Residential Properties in 2008. In his 35 years experience in property management, Joe has served as Regional Vice President of the South Central States for Pinnacle Realty Management and spent 14 years as First Vice President of Con Am Management Corporation.

During his career, Joe has exceeded $240,000,000 in rehabilitation costs on over 83,000 residential apartment units.