About ICIC

I.C.I.C’s primary objective is to seek properties with lower than market occupancy and rents than those currently exhibited within the sub-market of the location.   I.C.I.C. focuses on the specific revitalization requirements which will increase property value and stabilize rents and occupancy levels to current market levels.

Our philosophy is, “The investors’ interests come first.”

While considerable time and expertise is invested into each project, the investor has made the project feasible through investment of the required equity funds. It is I.C.I.C.’s primary objective to not only protect the investors’ investment but also to offer the most favorable process for tax efficiency.

I.C.I.C. pays investors a minimum return from the on-set of their investment until the investment is sold, at which time the profit is then distributed.  We ensures that the investor receives their entire initial investment before any other allocation of profit.

I.C.I.C.. is morally dedicated to creating a positive and mutually advantageous environment for all parties.